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Ten Facts about the Elemental Series
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Hello and please welcome the author of the Elemental series with us today, Shauna Granger, for a guest post on “Ten Facts about the Elemental Series!” Welcome Shauna!

  1. 1. The entire series is set in and around Ventura, California. Ventura is a real town, where I now live that is about an hour north of Los Angeles.
  • 2. The high school the characters go to is entirely fictional. It is in fact kind of a mash up of all the high schools in the county, including the one I went to in a neighboring city.
  • 3. Most of the teachers mentioned in the books are based on my own high school teachers.
  • 4. Steven’s middle name is Ignacio which is derived from the phrase “to burn” in Spanish.
  • 5. While Shayna can make up and write spells, neither Jodi nor Steven possess that ability.
  • 6. Shayna gets her empathetic abilities from her maternal grandmother but she gets her elemental powers from her maternal grandfather who was a “water witch” in life.
  • 7. Steven gets his elemental power from his great-grandfather though no one else in the family knew he had any special abilities because he kept them secret for fear of being accused of witchcraft in his small village in Mexico.
  • 8. Jodi gets her elemental powers from her paternal grandmother, for whom she is named, however she died before Jodi was born and therefore could not teach her how to use her powers.
  • 9. Shayna’s mother has the gift of Taro Card reading; however her gift was so strong that she once saw the death of someone she knew. It frightened her so much she packed her cards away and refused to ever read them again.
  • 10. Shayna can cause earthquakes when she has a huge emotional upheaval, which is why her first earthquake occurred when she was born.

Thanks for an interesting post, Shauna!!

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