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Guest Post with the Author of the Time Spirit Trilogy
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Hello! Today we have the author, Melissa Pearl, of the Time Spirit Trilogy with us today! Welcome, Melissa!

It has taken me over three years to complete this trilogy. The idea was first born after reading Twilight. I really wanted to write something with an intense love story, but I didn’t want it to be about vampires and I wanted the female character to kick butt… and so Gemma came to life.

I loved the idea of time travel and I could picture these humans disintegrating into gold dust and swirling away into another time and place, but I didn’t want them to be stuck there. I liked the idea of jumping throughout time… and so the Time Spirits were born.

Gemma of course needed a strong male character who could draw her out of her emotional cave. I wanted a guy who was optimistic, tenacious and could be a real advocate for Gemma… and so Harrison arrived on the scene.

Writing this trilogy has been nothing but awesome. Sure, I’ve had some challenges. Writing three such closely intertwined stories has had my brain spasming on more than one occasion, but it’s all come together. It’s amazing how little scenes and ideas can eventually be merged. It’s like completing a jigsaw puzzle.

Once I had my main characters and idea, I built a world around them and as I did, new ideas came. The story grew in my head over a couple of weeks and I started writing the first book. I knew my basic premise for each novel, but I wasn’t sure how it would all tie together. Those details came as I immersed myself in the story. I settled on a key theme for each book – hope, betrayal and sacrifice, with the larger concept of freedom arcing over all three. Having these ideas in the back of my mind kept me on track as I moulded each story individually and then took the trilogy as a whole.

Once I had finished all three books, I tested them out on beta readers. The series as a whole was a hit, but readers were disappointed that the first book was so like Twilight. I wasn’t sure how to handle it at first. I tried rewriting parts here and there, but it wasn’t working. I decided to scrap the first book and start again.

As hard as that was to do, I’m so glad I did. The book is a million times better and it’s made the other two stories stronger as well. Completing all three and testing them on a second audience to find the books couldn’t be put down was the most rewarding part of the journey. All my effort had paid off.

Not everyone is lucky enough to discover their passion and then have the opportunity to pursue it. So far, no part of the writing journey has been too hard or made me want to quit. I love writing and I feel so lucky to be able to do it. Completing this trilogy has made me realize that I am capable and I can’t wait to work on all the other projects I have sitting in my head.

Thanks for an interesting post, Melissa!

Melissa Pearl is the author of the YA Paranormal Romance THE TIME SPIRIT TRILOGY. She went indie in November 2011 with the first book in the series, Golden Blood. The second two books, Black Blood and Pure Blood were released over the following two months. She is now working on the first book in a YA action romance series – Forbidden Territory (The Mica & Lexy Series), which she has co-authored with her friend, Brenda Howson. The book is due for release July 2012.

Every part of the writing journey is a total thrill for Pearl and she looks forward to producing many more books in the future.

Check Melissa out on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads!

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