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Birthday Extravaganza – Day 15
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My 21-Year-Old Do-Over

Okay, so my 21st birthday was lame. Super lame.

How do I remember? Well, that’s just it. I don’t. I’m sure I didn’t do anything…you know, other than popping a bowl of popcorn in my ginormous 1989 microwave and watching a VHS tape of Back to the Future while the clock struck midnight without so much as a Woot Woot!

Yeah…I know.

So what would I have done differently, you ask? (Psst, pretend you just asked me.)

Just imagine it:

First, I’m totally decked out in my Madonna wear (head to toe). Okay, so yes, she’s recently changed up her look and now she’s all Blond Ambition, but I’m not buying into it just yet. I’m still the Like A Virgin Madonna with my bangles and headbands and leggings. And lace. Oh My God, lots and lots of lace!


My girls (this is before they were called peeps) and I hop into my sweet 1987 Nissan Pulsar, the white one with the plush maroon interior, and head out to the club. We blast a little Straight Up by Paula Abdul. (She’s no Madonna, but she is #1 on the charts, so she’ll do.)

The line at the club is long, but since we look so fly, the bouncer lets us right in. Posers and skanks are SO hatin’ on us, but we totally don’t care. Inside, we beeline straight to the bar and order our first real drinks. (Okay, our first legal drinks.) I try a martini.

Sure, it looks cool, but GRODY! I drink it anyway because I can’t afford to waste it. I only have ten bucks (I’m 21, what can I say?).

When we hear our song: Borderline, by who else? Madonna! We all squeal (cuz that’s what girls did…and still do!) and run to the dancefloor in a cluster. We look the part and dance the part. We ARE the part! For five short minutes, we are the closest to Madonna we will ever be.

By the end of the night, I’m sweaty, my feet hurt, my eyeliner is so smudged I look like a raccoon, and I’ve learned that my favorite drinks are Bartles & James wine coolers. (Okay, that last part I might have already known.)

Best 21st birthday do-over ever!!!

Man, even in my do-over I’m a dork…

Kimberly Derting is the author of The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead, which are as much coming-of-age romance as they are paranormal thrillers, as well as the upcoming dystopic-fantasy, THE PLEDGE. She lives in the Pacific Northwest where the gloomy weather is ideal for writing anything dark and creepy. Her three beautiful (and often mouthy) children serve as an endless source of inspiration, and often find the things they say buried in the pages of their mother’s books.

THE BODY FINDER: The gripping tale of Violet Ambrose, a girl with a morbid ability that leads her to a serial killer…and the boy who would never let anything happen to her.

THE PLEDGE: In a world where languages divide us…words are the most dangerous weapon of all.

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Thanks to Kimberly, she has generously donated The Pledge’s Swag Pack! Her upcoming novel, The Pledge, is coming out November 15!

Thanks Kimberly!

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